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You know you need help with office systems, your time management is a mess, you've gained a few pounds and need some help with the maze of physical fitness and diet programs, there's a lot of miscommunication on your team, you need better PR for your business, or you are just plain scared about taking the next step. If any of these are familiar, a coach can help you ease the pain and reach your greatest goals.

At Coaching Firm International, our coaches specialize so that you get the very best expertise in direction and information targeted to your specific need or challenge. Have more than one challenge? We'll get you more than one coach or find the coach that fits your needs.


Often that's the most confusing part. Multiple needs may call for multiple coaches. Coaching Firm International doesn't let you waste your time, effort and money on the wrong coach. We find you the right coach for right now. And, when your needs change, you can switch coaches. That's one of the reasons or clients love us so much.

Here are a few of our Certified ASLA Coaches:

  • June Davidson June Davidson, CAC
    June trains and certifies coaches from all over the world. Her coaching specialty is assisting clients to break through the programming they received early in their lives, and to embrace life fresh and new. She is the founder of Coaching Firm International.
    Contact information: Email: Phone: 626-791-1211

  • Janet Aniline Janet Aniline, Ph.D
    Janet is a certified business and professional ASLA coach with many years of experience. With her innovative approaches to overcoming fear, she will help you reach your goals faster, live a more peaceful and joyful life, and feel more empowered.
    Contact information: Email: Phone: 626-791-1211

  • Suzanne Peters Suzanne Peters, CAC
    Suzanne is a Certified ASLA Coach who can assist you if you have challenges with communication in either the business or personal arenas. Often communication problems occur because of a difference in style. Suzanne can help you pinpoint these differences rapidly. She has over 15 years experience in team building and leadership. Her clients have included both Fortune 500 companies and small business firms.
    Contact information: Email: Phone: 626-791-1211

  • Robbie Motter Robbie Motter, CAC
    Robbie is the coach to call if you want to enhance your business success by using publicity and public relations. She specializes in taking her clients and their business to the next level. For over 25 years Robbie has shown her clients hot to use the power of the media to increase their bottom-line and develop name recognition.
    Contact information: Email: Phone: 626-791-1211

  • Libbe S. HaLevy Libbe S. HaLevy, M.A., CAC
    Libbe is a Certified Life ASLA Coach whose areas of expertise include career development, writing, public speaking, and helping survivors of childhood abuse move beyond their blocks to live the rich, full lives they deserve. She works with clients to brainstorm, strategize, and focus their energies, helping them make rapid progress towards immediate goals and long-term dreams. With enthusiasm, energy, excitement and great humor, Coach HaLevy lives up to her motto: “I'm On Your Side!”
    Contact information: Email: Phone: 626-791-1211

  • Kwai Lan Chan Kwai Lan Chan, CAC
    Kwai Lan Chan is a certified business coach, she has co-authored with Mark Victor Hansen (Best selling author Chicken Soup For The Soul), Dr. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. She is an inspirational speaker and she is an expert in the ”Business Energy Pattern“ to create quantum leap energy for her clients, focusing on helping her clients’ business grow by creating leads and implements profitable business strategies with continuous cash flow.
    Kwai Lan is an associate producer for the movie "Your Millionaire Mind" due to be released in 2007. She has made many quantum leap successes for herself and others. For more information you may email her or visit Kwai Lan's sites at and

  • Terry Harrison Terry Harrison, CAC
    Terry is a business coach who specializes in goal-setting and strategizing in reaching those goals. His philosophy is that long-term success is built on integrity, which involves your skills and knowledge as well as your ability to connect and work with others. Terry is a great listener who will pick-up on your areas of resistance, avoidance and self-defeating attitudes, help you explore the “whys” behind them and build strategies to overcome them. Besides working with business people, Terry also enjoys working with clergy members.
    Contact information: Email: Phone: 626-791-1211

  • Kristin Grant Kristin Grant, CAC and Licensed Clinical Social Worker
    Kristin specializes in relationship, family, and life coaching. She graduated from the Masters in Social Work (MSW) program at the University of Southern California (USC) and received her coach certification from Coaching Firm International and has worked in various positions from criminal justice to school and home based family/child counseling with Ventura County Behavioral Health in California prior to starting her own private practice. You can contact her by email at or for interest in coaching or counseling services or advice/referral for any mental health issues.

  • Evelyn Gray Evelyn Gray, CAC
    Evelyn Gray is a Productivity Expert & Organizing Coach specializing in working with professionals who have Attention Deficit Disorder and who have been disorganized most of their life. She “turns your piles into files” through a simple “muttering and body double” technique listening to key words or phrases on how you relate to your paper and things. Evelyn brings serenity into your life by creating simple systems to help you get out from underneath the clutter and avalanche of paper. Remember, “If you can't find it in 30 seconds, it's in the wrong place.”

    You can contact her by email at or
    Phone: 626-791-1211

We have 235 coaches at Coaching Firm International. When you hire one of us, you hire all of us.

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